500 podcasts later, here’s what people say about us

I can’t thank all of you enough for responding to our request to let us know why you listen to and read Formula1blog.com. There are common themes to your responses and yet each one is individually unique which in many ways is exactly what our community is. If you asked me to describe how awesome our readers and listeners are, I would say this individuality and commonality is a hallmark of what you all have built here.

I’m not very good at shameless self-promotion but I will brag about all you for days on end and it is YOU, not us, that make this FBC site and podcast what it is. I wanted to give you an opportunity to read what your fellow FBC community is saying and feeling and show you just how much you all have in common. No matter what nationality, sex, race, religion or ideology, we all have so much in common and that is the beauty of what you all have created at FBC.

After 11 years, over 500 podcasts, 2.5 million downloads and thousands of hours dedicated to building formula1blog.com, I am truly humbled by each and every one of you who have taken time to listen, read, donate and engage with decorum & civility.

FBC Reviews

If you will indulge me, I will start the review section with my wife’s review because she is the one person who has sacrificed the most in building FBC. Her sacrifice has made all of this possible.

Mrs. Negative Camber, STL USA
1. I read FBC because…
a) my husband is an abuser of semicolons and needs the editing help
b) I love to read his brilliant, witty, in-depth, and heartfelt writing even if I have no idea what he’s talking about

2. The best thing about the FBC podcast/website is…
It has given my husband a fun, productive, and rewarding hobby/night job that brings him incredible joy, even when the day job is neither fun nor rewarding (let alone productive). He has met so many fellow F1 fans, in person or virtually, who appreciate not just the sport but also the idea of a community that is about bringing fans together, not tearing one another down. FormulaOneBlog.Com has deepened his love for Formula 1 and, I daresay, his hope for mankind.

I am forever indebted to you, the FBC community, for the gift you have given to my husband Todd, a.k.a. Negative Camber.
With gratitude,
Mrs. N.C. (a.k.a. Libby)

Joey Farrell
• I listen/read FBC because: coming from Liverpool, England, F1 isn’t that popular as far as I can see so gives me a great avenue of debate and thought
• The best thing about the FBC podcast/website is: the podcast format, laid back style and great, down to earth fan talk

Dave and Judith in Menlo Park, California
• We listen to FBC podcast, and have for many years, because the banter is informed and amusing. We love the Grace episodes because she is saucy and witty. And we’ve even give Paul Charsley our own private cute nickname.
• The best thing about the FBC podcast is that it reliably puts us to sleep. We listen to you at bedtime on Monday nights and it usually takes us until Thursday till we’ve heard the whole thing. It’s a wonderful soporific. I don’t mean this as a bad thing. We look forward to every Monday night because we are guaranteed a few good nights of sleep.

Neil Beatson, Scotland
• I listen because I am a huge F1 fan. Have been for years and I really like hearing all the stories and opinions that you guys give.
• The best thing was the Maldonado “that’s strange I wonder what’s causing all the accidents” phrase.
• In general the show is great and having different guests on each week is great. :)

• I listen to FBC because: Grace
• The best thing about the FBC podcast: Grace

Matt Jones, London UK
• I listen to you mainly because f1rejects (sadly no more in existence) was at best very sporadic and I needed a more reliable f1 fix. Also I spend at least 2 hours a day driving so I need something to fill my time.
• I love the insight you guys put into the race reviews, they are really good and offer a different angle which you don’t get on TV. I also like them more now it’s just you and the international, the guy you had on at the start of the year for one episode was a bit of a dick. Also it’s good to listen to some nice guys.

Ryan McLeod, Canada
• I listen to FBC podcast (usually from the website) because it’s a great holistic way to get news in the world of formula 1. Ill catch some news on reddit and so forth, but you guys do a lot of hard to work to find the latest news, rumors and so forth.
• I also quite enjoy the race reviews. When you look at a race where there’s an incident or something of interest that occurred, I may look at it one way, and take Croft and Brundles commentary into it. But then to hear Todd and Paul discuss a different opinion opens my horizon on it and gives me some perspective. Todd and Paul also spot some things I may have missed during the race and I find that interesting as well.

Jeff Caughlin
• I listen to the FBC podcast and read articles on the website because as a fan I enjoy the insight but even more important for the podcast, in particular, I enjoy the comradeship, jokes, and asides. It feels welcoming and that it would be great fun to get together over a drink and join in the discussion as a friend. This is what is great about what you all do and I congratulate you for it.
• The fact that it is all done with “decorum and civility” and a touch of passion for racing just makes it better.

Heath Griffiths, Magnetic Island, Australia
• I listen for FBC because you do not judge the drivers based on love (maybe Alonso) but you give the best commentary on the business of the day, I love the down shifts in particular, I got onto my first race at age 9 (none of the rest of the family likes it) but would beg, borrow and steal ‘VHS” recording time to get every race since then. You guys have the passion I have!
• Best thing about the pod cast is the opening from the small shat to the radio messages, when I hear them it is game on. Can’t thank you enough.

Michael “mini696” Kornbrekke
• I listen AND read FBC because:
• Well it’s obvious isn’t it? It’s the best god-damn podcast in the multiverse.
• But in all honesty, you guys are not ‘quietly’ biased, you let us know where your preferences lie, and aren’t shy about it. Saying that, you aren’t afraid to beat on your team/driver when the time calls for it (unlike a certain British podcast) *cough* 5-Live *cough*. I can’t stress the importance of that.
• It is hard to put into words. I have been listening since podcast 1 (seriously I have been there from the start), and there are other podcasts out there that I have stopped listening to even though they were around first. So there is something there that keeps me coming back.
• The best thing about the FBC podcast/website is:
• The people the decorum and the civility.
• The unpretentious-ness of your thoughts.
• The complete lack of bullshit.
• The waffling on at times.
• The cheese reviews.
• And of course, Grace (even if you don’t share my love for Webber) – McLaren for life.

Rick Roberts
• I listen/read FBC because it is a way to stay up to date with and connected to my favorite sport each week. On race weekends FBC is a timely extension to the NBC coverage.
• The best thing about the FBC podcast/website is the conversations I have each podcast with my F1 friends: Todd, Grace, and Paul. Thank you!

Ishan Lalit, India
• I like listening to the FBC podcast because I like to torture myself with all the Paul Charsley IPA talk.
• Do you guys realize that some of us didn’t even know that you can make beer out of Grapefruit.

Richard Haroldsen, Utah USA
• I listen to FBC because it is the best place to find fellow enthusiasts who talk about the sport. Most people will dismiss Formula 1 as just another group of racers driving around in circles like Nascar. You guys get it. I love hearing Todd and Grace talk about the teams and have a healthy discussion about the rule changes.
• The best thing about the podcast is the track preview and the race review. I will pull up a map of the track so I can follow along with the track preview and it helps me get ready for the race.

Nick Ambrose, USA via UK (20 years ago)
• I listen/read FBC because: You guys are way less lame than the rest and even though you aren’t perfect, you *always* show up and mostly on time.
• There is nothing worse than finding a podcast and then I hear three episodes and get “we’re taking a 6 month break” message right in the thick of things
• so- Keep on keeping on & showing up :) and I know you guys will somehow manage to fill 70 mins of airtime even if nothing happened in the news the previous week !
• The best thing is definitely the Lewis Hamilton fashion award music. I do feel like we will need to have a “Max Verstappen needless penalty” award or a Kimi Raikkonnen “I know what I’m doing” award in the future though

Thomas Westergaard, Denmark
• I listen/read FBC because: I hail from a tiny European country with a woeful coverage of F1, so I listen to FBC because it is a great source of information without being overly nationalistic enthusiastic about their own drivers and teams like your German and UK counterparts.
• The best thing about the FBC podcast/website is: You, yes you, you are a lovely bunch of genuinely knowledgeable people that ain’t afraid of stating your opinion no matter how right or wrong you may be.

Max Johnson
• I listen/read FBC because: Listens because of Paul’s expert and insightful evaluation of the drivers and racing.
• Reads because: lack of sensationalism unlike most other (British) F1 sites
• pretty much disagreed with 100% of everything Negative Camber said, but the commenters have insightful things to say
• The best thing about the FBC podcast/website is: civility and decorum rule, Paul’s insights, Grace’s snarkism

Mathew Fearon, GA USA
• I listen/read FBC because: The podcast is great, you all talk about the sport in an entertaining and informative way that doesn’t dumb anything down. Good chemistry too, and Paul has great taste in beer — Grace doesn’t but I’ll let it slide.
• The best thing about the FBC podcast/website is: NC’s artistic and perfectly timed use of the sound board.

James Hammond, Melbourne, Australia
• I listen to the FBC podcast because I still haven’t figured out how some Americans know about F1
• The best thing about the FBC podcast is that the people that host it sound like they’re singing
• In all seriousness, I started listening to the podcast this year. I was dubious at first… F1.. Americans.. (insert Alonso sound bite here…) hahahaha… But boy! Have I been pleasantly surprised. You guys are fantastic! Its super refreshing to listen to people talk about F1 as a whole, unbiased, in depth, entertaining and informative. Thank you!

Justin Schumacher
“I listen to F1B every week, because Formula 1 is really the only sport I care about, and I desire as much exposure to it as possible. But to be more accurate as to why I listen to F1B specifically, I do so for a variety of reasons. A big reason is consistency of content. I can be confident that on every Tuesday morning on my way to work, there’s an episode waiting me on Stitcher. And I can tell that this consistency is due to the hard work that everyone at F1B puts out. And I can honestly say that with that consistency, quality is certainly not sacrificed. Even though Todd, Paul, and Grace have their favorite teams and drivers (**cough** Jenson Button ftw!), it’s refreshing to see an unbiased approach to unpacking the sport and doing so with respect. Yet, it’s just as refreshing to see that you guys don’t take yourselves too seriously (insert your favorite soundbite here). I know that at the end of the day, this is entertainment for those who follow the sport, and keeping things light hearted makes it that much more enjoyable. Your measured, yet enjoyable analysis and opinion on various topics make your podcast worth listening to. While we may disagree on a couple points, I know overall, I’m listening to people who are just as crazy about Formula 1 as I am.”

Ron Grantham, Toronto ON, Canada
• I listen/read FBC because: I’m anxiously waiting for the return of the Fake Charlie Whiting! I download the podcast each and every week, hoping to hear the voice of FCW and each and every week I am disappointed that he’s not there!
• The best thing about the FBC podcast/website is: The Lewis Hamilton (there’s no stopping him) song!

Simon Duckworth, Derbyshire, England
• I’ve been listening for a good while (3+ years) and enjoy the podcast – it’s great for many reasons, but off the top of my head:
• it doesn’t brown-nose Lewis ALL the time (I’m looking at you, 5Live)
• It’s a nice change from every other radio station/podcast which mentions Brexit (I’m still annoyed about it)
• you guys had the same reaction to Seb’s potty mouth as I did (I can’t blame him, I’d have done the same)
• Paul’s great at explaining things without boring the arse off everyone
• you all hate DRS

Ian Robinson, the Shire
• I listen/read FBC because: Its the only semi decent podcast available for F1, the BBC ones treat you like imbeciles and i’m English!
• The best thing about the FBC podcast/website is: it is occasional incite-full and and rarely entertaining. I enjoy the the banter and cheese reviews, the beer talk and occasionally the look at F1 from outside of the motherland. its good to get a different outlook on things.

Donald Hinds Jr (Big Don)
• I listen/read FBC because: before I did, I thought F1 was only about cool looking fast cars…boy was I wrong!
• The best thing about the FBC podcast/website is: hearing Grace every off-race week!

Nicholas Harvey-Lees-Green
• I listen to FBC because I am on the short list to replace Kimi at Ferrari and I need to find out how I am getting on.

Bruno, Bakersfield via Argentina
• I listen FBC because…it is a way to stay up to date with all the gossip and changes in the F1. Yes, I do browse F1 fanatic or other sites such as grandprix247 or crash.net, but with time, one start to get used to Grace or NC and use you guys as a parameter.
• Also I enjoy the track talks. And let’s be honest….work hours would be extremely long on Tuesdays….

• The best thing about FBC podcast is…that you give some insight on smaller teams, not just MC Laren and Ferrari. you even have a NAS-ERI competition!!!!! As a Sauber fan, it is hard to find unbiased information. I also listen to BBC 5 podcast….but that’s all about England and showing how great British drivers are. It sucks having that kind of bias.

Peter Riva, USA
• It beats playing solitaire while I listen to business associates on the phone prattle on about business.
• I miss my mother reading me a bedtime story – the podcast puts me right to sleep ;)

Daniel Sebergsen from north of Norway
• I listen to f1blog because it gives me a good indebt of a sport that I have followed since 95. Like you Todd I’m a huge Schumacher fan and I really got my eyes open for f1 when he joined Ferrari. I got the opportunity to go to Maranello in 06 and that for me was like a religious trip. I appreciate that you do this every week so that I can fill my work hours with good analysis. Thanks to you and your co-hosts for doing this.
• the best thing is that you have a good sense of humor in the shows and it’s just about the right length of a podcast

Philip Bugner, Atlanta USA
• I listen/ read FBC because: Huxley is my neighbors son!
• The best thing about the FBC podcast/ website is: You gave Huxley a chance by giving him an internship even though (he’s a nice kid but) he sucks at research and could be out witted by an empty paper bag.

Simon Hallows, Scotland
• I listen to FBC because, I am a big fan of motorsport in particular formula 1. I travel a lot for work and downloading a pod cast is perfect for when I can’t get WiFi in a hotel or on a plane.

• The best thing about FBC is the none-British perspective. British media (C4, BBC, SKY etc.) tend to have a similar point of view. They struggle to stay neutral. I know they try, but they are so close to some teams and drivers it’s almost impossible for them, plus the pressure of the Hamilton fan base is always there. I don’t always agree with everything said or written, but I know you’re opinions are your own and fair.

Sören Meyer, Germany
• I listen to the FBC podcast because … it’s simply THE best F1 podcast out there. Not just the best US F1 podcast, but the best full stop. I have invested silly amounts of time searching the web for anything F1-related (ok only in German or English) for more than 15 years, and I haven’t found another F1 podcast that even comes close. Enthusiastic, critical, opinionated, hilarious, passionate, informed, modest, well-produced … that’s why I love listening to all of you.
• I read the FBC website because … of your explicit drive to create a space for a well-mannered and respectful exchange of opinions. Sadly that’s a rare thing these days.
• The best thing about the podcast is … that there’s always something hilarious. I sometimes have to pause the podcast because I can’t stop laughing.
• The best thing about the website is … that the editorials are often picking up on discussions happening right at that time about stuff that gets the fans’ pulse going.

Douglas Fairley, Alberta, Canada
• I listen to FBC to have a North American / and more importantly American perspective on the F1 races (review and preview).
• The best thing about FBC is the news of the week with Todd and Grace, and I appreciate all the work you do to make this happen. The race reviews with Todd and Paul are awesome, as you talk about each specific team, and drivers, and normally put a hilarious spin on the past race weekend.

Jack Peacock, Leeds, UK
• You guys unpack Formula 1 in a passionate, funny and extremely insightful way- Also largely due to the fashion award.
• The F1 audio cuts you use to describe the ins and outs of our wacky sport. ‘Aerodynamics come in at any speed’, ‘It’s a sh*tbox!’, and Seb’s radio cuts crack me up every time.

Juho Kallio, Finalnd
• The reason I started listening was because at the time I was living in Melbourne and your podcast happened to be the number 1 F1 podcast in Australia. (I was getting myself hyped for the GP which was the first i ever attended. Since I’ve been watching this sport since 1997 this was a huge deal for me). The best thing about the F1BPC for me is the race reviews since it saves my fiancé from hours of analyzing a sport she only kinda tolerates.

Paul Kiefer Jr. (Our man Paul from Austin)
• I listen/read FBC because: I get great insight and analysis…along with a little comedy.
• The best thing about the FBC podcast/website is: The decorum and civility.

Rune Wentzel Helms
•The genuine passion about F1 that emanates from the podcast. Although sometimes critical about the state of F1 it never descends in to the endless bickering that seems to be the norm among many fans. I am always in a better mood after listening to the podcast. Also it is occasionally insightfull!
•FBC is absolutely my favourite F1 podcast