A poor advert for F1

The smog of Shanghai is the stuff of urban legend. The city is famous for its pollution, the result of 23 million people living on top of one another without too much care and attention to what is being pumped into the atmosphere. They used to have things like this in London, which were known as pea-soupers, until the British introduced a series of Clean Air Acts to clear the air. In recent times the Chinese have become convinced that there is need to worry about the environment (Donald Trump might learn a thing or two from the Paramount Leader Xi Jinping during his current visit to the States) and so new laws have been introduced to try to stop this happening, but there is a way to go yet and Formula 1 met the problem head-on on Friday when the practice sessions were restricted to just a handful of laps because the visibility was such that the safety helicopter could not land at the hospital and so the cars at the circuit could not run. It is not a great advert for Shanghai, nor indeed for Formula 1. The fans waved their flags, wore silly hats (Darth Vader was spotted in the grandstands) while a group of young Chinese ladies amused us all trying to spell Vettel. They made it finally, after a decidedly miscued Vettee.

The greatest show on earth it was not.