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Formula 1 racing is a strange activity. It is far more than just a sport, with political machinations forever going on behind the scenes, in addition to the racing on the circuits. It is still the most powerful marketing tool on the planet, delivering its message every two weeks to people all over the world. If you have a product to sell and enough money to pay for it, F1 can put your name in front of hundreds of millions of people each year, from Bogota to Chengdu. Contrary to what some believe, the world still loves cars and car racing is still hugely popular. It is not easy to find good information about the sport. There is so much of it on the Internet and it’s hard to know who to trust. It is also pretty disjointed in this day and age of instant news. GrandPrix+ gives you the chance to understand what is going on, not just at the races, but also in the background. We take you behind the scenes and tell you the real stories. The magazine is produced by four full-time professional Formula 1 reporters, between us we have attended around 2,200 Grands Prix. We know our way around and we know the right people who can help to explain this complex world. We have access where others cannot go and we know when people are trying to sell us dummies. We write passionately about the sport we love and we want to pass on that passion to fans around the world. And we want to do it quickly… This is why at every Grand Prix we publish our magazine (between 75 and 100 pages) just hours after each race. We have been known to have the magazine finished before some of the teams have even managed to publish a press release. The gazing has all the detail about each Grand Prix weekend, in a simply and easy to understand format. In addition to the reporting, we publish around 100 feature stories a year about different aspects of the sport, analysing what is happening, interviewing the stars, remembering the great traditions and heritage of the sport.
This year’s GP+ subscription consists of 24 magazines. There are 21 races, plus a preview and a review and we throw in the last year’s review as well, so that you see what we thought in 2015. The subscription runs from January 1 until December 31, and you can download the magazines into your own devices whenever you want in that period.. The magazine is published in PDF format and really own it, rather than simply having access to it, as happens with some electronic publishing.
It’s a massive bargain as well, well you compare it to conventional magazines and, unlike them, it doesn’t take up any shelf space. You can have your entire GP+ collection in you own computer.
You may have missed the opening races this year, but the magazines are still waiting for you, and if it takes your fancy you can subscribe to and download the entire history of the magazine as well, all 185 editions.
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