Austrian Track Tips and Circuit Stats

Austrian Grand Prix 2017

From gear changes to corner speeds, and tips for our gaming community, our track guide is the home your technical side to F1. 

 Track length 4.326km/2.688 miles (the fourth-shortest of the year)
 2016 pole position Lewis Hamilton 1m07.922s
 2016 fastest lap Lewis Hamilton 1m08.411s (lap 67)
 Lap record1:08.337s (Michael Schumacher, 2003 – A1 Ring)
 Distance to Turn One 185m (longest of the season: Barcelona 730m)
 Longest straight 868m, on the approach to Turn One
 Top speed310km/h/192mph, on the approach to Turn 1 (fastest of the season: Baku, 365km/h)
 Full throttle66 percent (highest of the season: Monza, 75 percent)
 Fuel consumption1.7kg per lap, which is average
 ERS demandsHigh, due to lots of full-deployment
 Gear changes 54 per lap/3,834 per race


Engineering challenge?

Located 700m above sea level, the Red Bull Ring provides the first high-altitude challenge of the season for the power units. The turbo works harder to mitigate against the lack of oxygen and that makes it harder to recover energy from the MGU-H. The track was re-surfaced two years ago and the smoothness of the asphalt allows cars to run their stiffest set-ups of the year.

How to tell when a driver's really on it

The manner in which they negotiate the penultimate corner is a telltale sign. The Rindt Curve is a fast and swooping downhill right-hander, with a blind exit; use of the exit kerb is vital, but use too much and you risk damaging the car on the kerb. Precision is key.

Trickiest bits for the driver

The sausage kerbs. They were introduced last year to provide the drivers with a clear demarcation of track limits, and anyone who continued to use them risked breaking their car’s suspension.

Car set-up

Firm suspension and medium downforce. The drivers say the cars feel more like go-karts at this track than anywhere else on the calendar.

Grip levels

Good. The smooth asphalt helps the teams to maximise aero performance and the softest three compounds in Pirelli’s range help to promote mechanical grip.

Tyre choice

Purple Ultrasoft, red Supersoft, yellow Soft – the fifth time this combination has been used in 2017.

Brake wear

Medium. There are only three significant braking events around the lap.

Tips if you're a gamer

Mistakes are punished heavily at the Red Bull Ring, particularly in qualifying. In Q3 last year four cars were separated by just 0.1s, which proves how important it is to drive a mistake-free lap. But bravery is still important: Turns One, Two and Eight all have blind exits, due to crests in the road, so commitment with the throttle and car positioning are both crucial.