Bahrain GP Travel guide

Bahrain Grand Prix 2017

The third race of the season sees the team travel from Shanghai to Sakhir to complete our first round of back-to-back races this year.

Explore the home of the Bahrain Grand Prix and all its local specialities with our travel guide.

City: Manama

Time zone: GMT +3

Population: 700,000

How far?

Manama is 3,150 miles from the McLaren Technology Centre.

Getting there

The back-to-back nature of the Chinese and Bahrain Grands Prix means the team has been operating at two different racetracks simultaneously. While the race team was competing in China, a crew of three people were setting up in Bahrain, preparing the pit garage and the sea freight. Twelve engineers then flew overnight on Sunday from Shanghai to Manama, with the remaining 45 members of the race team travelling between the two countries on Monday.

Biggest travel headache?

The post-race test session. “The two-day test after the race complicates things somewhat,” says Clare Martin, Head Race & Test Co-Ordinator. “A test crew of 14 people will fly out to Bahrain on Saturday. Half of the race team then flies home after the grand prix, with one car crew staying out to do the test. Everyone then flies home on the Thursday after the race, with the freight getting shipped straight to Sochi because there’s not enough time to get it home before the Russian Grand Prix”.

Surprising fact

Bahrain is an archipelago of 33 islands. The largest, on which the Bahrain International Circuit is located, is 55km long and 18km wide.

Local speciality

Qahwa. That’s coffee to you and me. One of the most famous coffee beans is called Arabica, so it’ll come as no surprise to learn that the Bahrainis know how to make a good cuppa.

When in Rome…

Try drinking waard. It’s a carbonated mix of rosewater and pomegranate; the very same liquid that the drivers spray on the podium after the race.


It’s going to be hot. The daytime high over the weekend is expected to be 31 degrees, although it will be cooler during the race because the temperature drops rapidly when the sun goes down.