Baku was ‘boring’, we need more tracks like Baku!

It’s always interesting to see a race from two sets of eyes and in this case, F1 champion Alain Prost and Mercedes boss Toto Wolff. While I did see a few fans echoing the Prost sentiments, I also read several comments about the track actually being very intriguing and perhaps we just didn’t have the most exciting race.

AUTOSPORT ran two articles today from both and here’s what Prost had to say:

“I did not watch Friday and Saturday so I just followed social media and everyone was saying fantastic things about the track so I was quite happy to go and put on my TV,” Prost said.

“That was a disaster for me, I did not see the track everyone was talking about it.

“The positions of the camera were not very good. It was not really a good show.

“There was only one corner, with the left/right, where the cars were OK, where you get the impression of the speed.

“You’re watching the onboard camera and under braking, you cannot see the speed, you cannot hear the noise, you cannot see the difficulty.

“If I’m seeing what F1 is for the first time, I just think I’m doing the same behind the wheel of my [road] car.

“I want it to show something very difficult.

“I was really bored.”

To contrast that, Toto Wolff said:

“Two weeks ago I was on the Isle of Man looking at the TT and I found it very spectacular,” he said.

“I think that Baku is a spectacular track, it’s just what we need in Formula 1 – although I can understand that from the drivers’ perspective it needs to be as safe as possible.

“Nobody wants to see racing in supermarket car parks with runoff areas that are miles wide and where you can rejoin if you made a mistake.

“This makes all the difference and therefore without having a driven a car here – and this is why my view is subjective – I think this is just what we need.”

How did you see it? Put aside the actual race for a moment and just think of the circuit, did you like it?