Bianchi’s file suit against FIA, FOM, Marussia

The death of Jules Bianchi was tough for the sport, fans and Marrusia team to emotionally handle but perhaps no one has suffered the impact quite like that of a parent and it seems the family are now starting legal action against everyone involved.

According to reports, the Bianchi family have filed a suit against the FIA, Marussia and the Formula One Group. Jules Bianchi died nine months after sustaining injuries during the Japanese Grand Prix in 2014. Bianchi’s father, Philippe, said:

“We seek justice for Jules, and want to establish the truth about the decisions that led to our son’s crash at the Japanese Grand Prix in 2014.

“As a family, we have so many unanswered questions and feel that Jules’ accident and death could have been avoided if a series of mistakes had not been made.”

Ultimately the legal team for the Bianchi family are out to show negligence on the part of F1 and the FIA (interestingly it didn’t call in to account the Suzuka circuit as usually here in the States, these kinds of suits implicate anyone remotely involved).

The FIA’s investigation begat several safety measure including the now pervasive Virtual Safety Car system or VSC which freezes the entire field upon a caution and penalizes drivers who do not immediately slow down. Still, the report implicated Bianchi as being at fault. The family don’t agree.

It’s a tough situation. You can certainly feel for the Bianchi’s having lost their son and I can’t imagine the pain they must be feeling over this. It’s also a dangerous sport and drivers know that up front. Having said that, if the family can prove negligence on the part of the FIA or FOG, that could change things.