British GP Race Ready Facts

British Grand Prix 2017

Laps: 66 laps
Start time: 13:00hrs local / 14:00 CET 

Grid advantage

Pole position is on the left, the clean side of the grid. It also gives the pole-sitter the racing line into Turn One, a right-hander, which will be taken flat-out at the start if it’s dry.


There are two DRS zones, on the approaches to Turns Six (Brooklands) and 16 (Stowe).

British Grand Prix



16 Jul 2017
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Don't put the kettle on...

Tyre life will be affected by the increased cornering forces this year, brought about the new technical regulations. But taking last year’s race as a reference, Pirelli advised a maximum of 28 laps on the medium tyre and 14 of the 17 finishers comfortably exceeded that. If this year’s harder compounds hold up as expected, a one-stop strategy could be possible, on about lap 20. 

Pitlane length/Pitstops

489m/0.304 miles (longest of the season). Estimated time loss for a pitstop is 23s, which is relatively long.

Safety car

There is a 60 per cent chance of a Safety Car. The wide run-off areas give the marshals room to deal with stricken cars, but accidents are usually high-speed, producing lots of debris.

Watch out for...

Turn Nine, Copse. It’s a surprisingly tight right-hander that opens up at the exit, allowing the drivers to carry phenomenal amounts of speed at the apex. With the extra downforce produced by the 2017 cars, it’s expected to be flat-in-eighth gear this year with an apex speed of 190mph (306km/h).

What makes this race interesting...

From a technical point of view, the wind can be a factor at Silverstone. It’s a former airfield, situated on top of a hill, and the 2017 cars have proved vulnerable to side winds this year. From a driving point of view, the fast corners provide both excitement and challenge, and from a spectator point of view, there are three good overtaking opportunities.