British Track Tips and Circuit Stats

British Grand Prix 2017

From gear changes to corner speeds, and tips for our gaming community, our track guide is the home your technical side to F1. 

 Track length 5.891km/3.660 miles (fourth longest track of the year – longest: Spa-Francorchamps, shortest: Monaco)
 2016 pole position Lewis Hamilton, 1m29.287s
 2016 fastest lap Nico Rosberg, 1m35.548s (lap 44)
 Lap record1:33.401s (Mark Webber, 2013)
 Distance to Turn One 185m (longest of the season: Barcelona 730m)
 Longest straight 868m, on the approach to Turn One
 Top speed310km/h/192mph, on the approach to Turn 1 (fastest of the season: Baku, 365km/h)
 Full throttle66 percent (highest of the season: Monza, 75 percent)
 Fuel consumption 2.4kg per lap, which is high
 ERS demandsMedium. It’s a long lap, with high speeds. But the three major braking areas aid energy recovery
 Gear changes 48 per lap/2496 per race


Engineering challenge?

Silverstone is a high-speed circuit, made even more challenging by this year’s new regulations. The extra downforce generated by the 2017 cars will straighten many of the corners that were previously a delicate lift of the throttle or a touch of the brakes and the engineers will have to balance the needs for cornering grip and straight-line speed.

How to tell when a driver's really on it

Their speed through Maggotts and Becketts will be mesmerising this year. Simulations show that the drivers will not use the brakes through this high-speed complex, so expect total commitment from the cockpits. The drivers will need to be inch-perfect with their lines to maintain momentum.

Trickiest bits for the driver

This year’s cars can be quite snappy under acceleration. That will make the exit of Club, the final corner, tricky for the drivers. It’s a third-gear corner that opens up at the exit; if the drivers get too greedy with the throttle, they will find the rear end stepping out.

Car set-up

Medium downforce. There are too many straights to run maximum downforce, but you need the car to perform at low-speed as well, particularly through the Club, Arena and Luffield sections.

Grip levels

High. The asphalt is old and abrasive, and the downforce generated by the cars at high speed glues them to the ground.

Tyre choice

Red Supersoft, yellow Soft and white Medium – the third time this combination has been used in 2017.

Brake wear

Medium. There are three major braking points around the lap, into Turn Three (Village), Turn Six (Brooklands) and Turn 16 (Vale). One of the biggest challenges for the drivers is getting the brakes to perform when cold, particularly under braking for Vale, when they haven’t been used for the previous 45s.

Tips if you're a gamer

Drivers talk about Copse, Maggotts and Becketts being one of the most satisfying corner sequences in the world. It’s fast and hugely challenging to get right, and your momentum at the exit of Becketts dictates your speed along the Hangar Straight, which is the longest period of full-throttle on the lap. It’s an important part of the track to get right.