Capito departs VW, set to join McLaren

McLaren are moving toward their new structure as Jost Capito announced that the German rally this weekend would be his last as VW’s motorsport boss. Reports suggest that there is no official start date for Capito in his new role at McLaren but he will be in attendance at Spa Francorchamps.

As teams like Mercedes and McLaren move toward a new management structure and Ferrari suggesting they me interested in that arrangement as well, it’s probably no mystery that Formula 1 itself will move to a corporate structure eventually.

McLaren will be gaining a new CEO to add to Honda’s new motorsport boss and the timing could be right. Renault have left areas of Honda in power unit performance and the raft of regulation changes for 2017 means that McLaren does need to make another serious move forward in comprehensive car performance from chassis to power unit to tire management etc.

A holistic approach is needed to their program that can discover new open pastures of innovation while driving costs down sans a big title sponsor. Capitol will be walking into a team of very intelligent, capable people and his task will be to work with the team to gain seconds out of the 2017 car.

As a team progresses toward the sharp end of the grid, they are looking for one second or perhaps fourth tenths to win but that final second can take millions to achieve and McLaren are not close to that final second yet. Capito will have a tough job in front of him for sure and that’s not to mention the driver issue.