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There was never very much doubt about this one… but that didn’t make it an easy run for Lewis Hamilton. The British Grand Prix was the typical story of an English summer. There was torrential rain as the cars lined up on the grid, but by the end of the race, it was a pleasant afternoon. Conditions were treacherous to begin with as the field set off being the Safety Car. That was dull. After five laps, the race got underway but two laps later Pascal Wehrlein went off and so there was a Virtual Safety Car. By then the track was OK for intermediates and so there was a rush into the pits. The order settled down with Hamilton just short of five seconds ahead of Rosberg, who sometimes seems less confident in the damp than his team-mate. he came under pressure from Max Verstappen and on lap 16, the Dutchman moved ahead with a great move around the outside of Rosberg in Chapel. The gap behind the three leaders was huge, with the chasers led by Sergio Perez and Dan Ricciardo. Kimi Raikkonen was there too, but Ferrari was nowhere. Vettel had various adventures and ended up with a five-second time penalty for rudely shoving Felipe Massa off the road. That was pretty lenient.As the track dried so Rosberg became more sure-footed and gave chase and duly began to put Max under pressure. It took Nico eight laps to find a way past Verstappen. Further back Ricciardo passed Perez for fourth and later the Mexican fell behind Raikkonen as well. So it ended up a Mercedes 1-2 with Verstappen third although after the race the FIA Stewards were looking at whether to punish Nico because the team radioed him to make an important change to his settings as the gearbox was about to blow… The team took the risk because the alternative was not great. It was an awful day for Ferrari with Kimi fifth and Vettel ninth. Red Bull has thus closed to within nine points of Ferrari for second in the Constructors’ Championship.

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