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Wow! What a race… The Spanish Grand Prix of 2016 was an historic race in Formula 1 as it saw the first victory for a teenager as Red Bull’s new signing won first time out for the Milton Keynes team. It was a great story, terrific news for Formula 1 and brilliant entertainment. The race began with a bang and a crash as the two Mercedes took one another out, amid much gasping in shock down in the team pit. Who was to blame? There were different opinions. It seemed however that Nico Rosberg was in the wrong engine mode, for reasons that are not entirely clear, and was travelling slower than Lewis Hamilton expected and he had to take action to avoid a crash, but had one anyway when he spun on the grass. That looked like it was going to be the big story of the day, but a the race went on, Max Verstappen moved slowly to the front, the team using a great strategy and Max making no mistakes at all. He was under pressure in the closing laps, with former World Champion Kimi Raikkonen chasing him. Behind them Sebastian Vettel wanted to close in but had Daniel Ricciardo making him use the mirrors. Daniel tried some fairly adventurous moves, caused Sebastian to whine rather too much, but in the end Vettel got third because Dan had a puncture.

Further back, Carlos Sainz scored a good result with sixth for Toro Rosso,while Jenson Button picked up a point for McLaren, just ahead of Daniil Kvyat, who was back with Toro Rosso again. The Russian walked through the paddock, with a face of stone, as the celebrations around Max began.

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