Could you use a weekly executive summary of the motorsport world ?

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 18.18.59A lot of racing folk and indeed fans have busy lives, and they do not have time to trawl around
the Internet looking for what is happening in motorsport. There are huge amounts of clutter out there and very little reliable analysis. As a result they can miss out on key pieces of information that might be useful for them in their businesses, or simply in their understanding of what is going on, specifically new ideas, trends in the motor industry, movements in a range of championships and so on.

This is why I started the JSBM newsletter, which someone described to me recently as being “a weekly executive summary of motorsport”. It arrives on your desk on a Monday morning (except for those who of you who live in the Asia-Pacific region, who have to wait a little longer because of time differences). This includes the major news stories of the previous week, and analysis of what is important.

This week, for example, the newsletter includes an analysis of the Bianchi Lawsuit and whether to has any merit, there is an article on the future of Sauber, a new constructor who will come to Le Mans is named, Nico Rosberg’s contract situation is discussed, and the Red Bull-Renault deal analysed. There is also an article about NASCAR and the movies, what F1 teams are really focussed on at the moment, the Earnhardt versus Earnhardt situation in the NASCAR world and news of the new Formula 5 and more than a dozen short stories with useful bits of information that you may not have spotted.

The newsletter covers Formula 1, NASCAR, IndyCar, the FIA World Endurance, Rally and Touring Car Championships, DTM, V8 Supercars, World Rallycross, rally-raids, drag racing and news from the automobile industry that may impact on the sport. It also has quirky information that you might not see anywhere else.

It’s an award-winning publication – celebrating its 21st year in 2016 – and helps readers to quickly keep abreast of what the industry is up to. It often has news and analysis that appears nowhere else in the motorsport media.

If you are interested, you can click here to subscribe. There is usually a week off at Christmas and in mid-August, when very little is happening, so you get 50 issues a year.