Cowboys and Indians

Sometimes one gets weary of this twisted world in which we live. Most of us spend our lives trying to do things correctly. We play by the rules and act responsibly towards our fellow man (and woman). You can call us naive (and no doubt some of the more overbearing commenters will do exactly that), but I find it absolutely sick-making to see someone like Vijay Mallya being rewarded by Diageo for doing everything wrong. What kind of a message does that send out to a nation like India, where corruption already runs deep? If you create a big mess, become a willful defaulter with a string of different public banks and leave a trail of utter financial destruction behind you, you can be paid vast sums of money to go away. Mallya owes hundreds of millions and has caused untold pain and hardship to hundreds of his own former employees and their families. He is so unthinking that he still holds wildly extravagant parties while the bumbling bureaucrats try to nail down this gelatinous beast of an empire, which seems to be melting gradually away into the smelly drains of India.

He is being rewarded for borrowing money and not paying it back; and for making pledges that do not seem to be being honoured. Diageo said it had found irregularities in his dealings and yet it has swept them under the carpet, perhaps with gritted teeth, so that it can get on with the business of selling booze. What a great advert for the morality of the drinks industry. Responsible driving campaigners? Yeah, right. One thing’s for sure: I’m not going to be buying Diageo shares any time soon. And Johnnie Walker will be replaced in my drinks cupboard by Ballantine’s.

And what a great advert for this poor tortured sport we love. In line with all the things that we don’t want to be associated with after the recent unpleasantness in Bavaria.

Yeah, I know. It’s just business.

Sure, it’s the kind of business that stinks when you step in it…

This sport needs a fit-and-proper-person test.