Eau Rouge flat out in Tour de France

The Belgian Grand Prix is still several weeks away but that didn’t stop the famous Spa Francorchamp from stealing the limelight with its incredible circuit.

The Tour de France started in Germany and ran through Belgium before going home to France on stage three today but before getting to France, the peloton made a quick pass onto the famous Spa Francorchamps circuit. 

The big question has been answered, like Formula 1, Eau Rouge can be taken flat out for the cyclists in this year’s Tour. Unlike F1, there were more teams at Spa today than there will be in August.

It was great to see the circuit used for such an iconic race and it is truly a collision of three worlds for me. I don’t cycle but I love the Tour and watch it every year. Of course you know I am a F1 freak and I just started working for a Belgian company so it is great to see all my new Belgian friends get excited about the Tour using their famous F1 circuit.