En route to Belgium

Over here in France, we have what they call a canicule, which means that it is stinking hot and it’s hard to sleep at night unless you have air conditioning. But it’s nice to see some solid good weather after what had been a pretty patchy summer. The good news is that it is due to last until the weekend and then will cloud up a bit and rain on Monday. That’s the theory and it may even come to pass, but when one considers the microclimate at Spa, it is hard to certain about anything. The one thing we can say is that the refreshed F1 circus will be back in action after the summer break and that brings a surge of energy after a few weeks when hearts beat slower and days went on longer. The summer break is a great thing for F1, unless of course you don’t have a family, in which case some get a little bored.

There are lots of questions to be answered: will Red Bull be up with Mercedes; will Ferrari have dropped back at all? Or moved forward? Will Ma Verstappen catch Dan Ricciardo? And, of course, the big question: will Nico Rosberg be able to stop the Lewis Hamilton rout?

Should be a good weekend of racing ahead.

In the interim, I’m driving across eastern France, looking forward to my favourite circuit…