Engine supply contracts announced…Red Bull anyone?

The FIA has received a list of supply contracts from Mercedes for the 2017. Perhaps not surprisingly, they list Force India, Williams F1 and Manor Racing as their customers. This information is due to the FIA by May 15th according to an AUTOSPORT article.

For Honda’s part, McLaren boss Ron Dennis says he’s not keen on the Japanese manufacturer supplying anyone else until success comes to his own team in the form of a competitive power unit. Honda says they are not strong enough to supply another team yet. Wonder what they would say if the 2017 mandate that a supplier must be able to supply multiple teams was in effect now?

Renault says they would be happy to continue supplying Red Bull for 2017 as well as return to Toro Rosso who are using last year’s Ferrari engines. Renault’s managing director, Cyril Abiteboul, said:

“As we have always said, the bridges were never burned with Red Bull.

“From an engine manufacturer perspective we are open for business, open for expanding our collaboration.

“Part of Mercedes’ success has been based on having a portfolio of partners, customers in the paddock. You cannot work in isolation.

“Red Bull is a very strong body in Formula 1, and we have all the reason in the world to continue working with them. It makes sense.

“If they are happy, the product is competitive, then we have no reason to stop working with them.”

This is an interesting turn of events from a relationship that was strained but perhaps the best antidote for this kind of sour relationship is performance delivered on track. Red Bull secured the second row for Sunday’s Spanish Grand Prix and perhaps this is a reason that Renault, who will deliver the Austrian team a new upgraded engine in Canada, is willing to continue.

Red Bull eclipsed Ferrari in qualifying in Spain and perhaps this is the most tangible example of the reason that Mercedes and Ferrari were not willing to supply Red Bull Racing an engine supply such is their chassis design and ability.

You have to hand it to Renault, as a full works team, for having the guts to supply Red Bull.