Everyone, including Honda, stumped by McLaren failure

Honda’s power unit failure during qualifying for the Bahrain Grand Prix may not come as a big surprise to those who have resigned themselves for yet another gut-wrenching, butt-pounding trip through the 2017 Formula 1 season but for the rest of us who are absolutely perplexed at Honda’s issues, it was a real head-scratcher…so much so that even Honda are scratching their heads and that’s not good!

“We are not sure the exact cause, but definitely a mechanical failure of the MGU-H,” said Hasegawa.

“It is something around the bearings, it was sticking.

“They are all dead so we have to replace.

“We’re not sure why it happened just here three times, but we are suspecting something happened in this environment.

“Possibly because the temperatures are very high.”

It’s a surreal situation and adds more of that magic Dust of Confusion to and otherwise clear team…or at least, a team who had a clear history. How is it possible for Honda to be in the series for this long and still have major reliability issues? Especially when the grid is achieving an aggregate reliability score of 84%?

If I’m optimistic, I’m suggesting to friends that Honda are trying something so comprehensively unique and cool that when it is eventually on song, it will be the dominant engine in F1. The other side of me is moaning to friends about culture clashes and car-by-committee nonsense.

If Fernando Alonso is going to Indy, can he just bring back one of their engines and bolt it on the back of the McLaren?

Hat Tip: Autosport