F1 radio ban lifted from German GP onward

So we finally, really did it! You maniacs! Oh damn you!.

The radio ban has been lifted according to F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone and a somewhat more measured version of that story comes from the FIA:

“At the request of the teams and the commercial rights holder, the FIA has agreed to adopt a more liberal approach to the interpretation of article 27.1 (that a driver must drive the car alone and unaided).

“With the exception of the period between the start of the formation lap and the start of the race, there will be no limitations on messages teams send to their drivers either by radio or pit board.

“This approach is aimed at providing improved content for fans and spectators, as teams will now be required to provide the commercial rights holder with unrestricted access to their radio messages at all times their cars are out of the garage.”

It brings to mind the concept of listening to radio chatter. Surely it you’re a NASCAR fan you’ve been enjoying that for years at the races but how much of that during a broadcast is adding to the excitement? I’m interested to know if you feel there is not enough, how much would you actually want? Broadcasters will have to listen and play back what they feel is salient to the broadcast but the world feed does inject them as well.

The folks and fans wanted less coaching, they got a ban and now we’re back to coaching. I’ll have to get my best Eva Marie Saint impersonation going here…“Is this what you want!!??”