F1 to revert back to 2015 qualifying format

The 11 teams in Formula 1 sent a letter to the FIA and Formula One Management(FOM) asking the sport to revert back to 2015’s qualifying format.

The group were set to discuss a new aggregate system today but it now seems that they have reverted back to the 2015 format due to an impasse as all the teams were not interested in the new format or an aggregate system.

The thought here is that even if the aggregate system worked more smoothly than the new format, it isn’t worth trying out and damaging F1’s brand even further given the outrage from fans over mucking about with the qualifying format that has been used over the last several seasons.

Drivers were outspoken about changing the format and so were fans and now the teams are unanimous in a letter to the F1 authorities that they too will not vote for any new system aggregate or not.

The reversion is set to take place immediately. The teams and drivers were on one side of the table while FIA president Jean Todt and FOM chief Bernie Ecclestone were on the other side.

Ecclestone and Todt were trying to jumble up the grid in order to make the racing more exciting but it’s a sporting regulation tweak that seems to be an artifice on the real issues which remain in the technical regulations.