FBC Live: Canadian GP FP1 commentary

If you live in the US, then you may be familiar with the NBC Sports Extra app or online portal to watch live events as they happen. The great thing about NBC is while they don’t cover the Free Practice 1 and Free Practice 3 session, they do stream the world feed live from NBCSN Extra.

We’ve done this in the past but Paul and I are keen to give it a go this weekend starting Friday morning at 10am EST. We’ve be firing up a Google Hangout On Air system for everyone to join us as we offer some of our FBC commentary to the world feed.

You’ll need to open the NBCSN Extra app, stream the world feed in one window and then join the Google Hangout On Air session in another window. We should have a chat window so you can interact with us and it is usually a lot of fun to chat and watch the session along with all of you.

Check your local start time in the NBCSN Extra app and then joining the Google Hangout On Air session via this link:


 or on youTube here:

Live Google Hangout Player: