Five hours after the race…

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The Hungarian Grand Prix was not a classic, but the tension remained from start to finish as the two Mercedes drivers fought for the win, although TV viewers might not have known it given the lack of coverage the two cars received… In the end Lewis stayed ahead and Nico contented himself to say that he had lost the race at the start when Lewis took the lead and Nico briefly fell behind Dan Ricciardo, who pulled off an ambitious outside pass in Turn 1. Nico was able to scramble back ahead at Turn 2 and from then on it was a question of press sure being applied, hoping that Hamilton would make a mistake. Ricciardo ran third, shadowed initially by Max Verstappen but the latter was unfortunate during the first pit stops and found himself trapped behind an uncompromising Kimi Raikkonen. The roles would be reversed later in the race and at one point Kimi clipped his wings while trying to pass Max and complained about Verstappen’s tactics. The stewards said nothing.  Vettel had a different strategy and this put him ahead of Max and Kimi and in the final laps he pressured Ricciardo, but he never really looked like a challenger for the podium. Behind the big six, Fernando Alonso had a lonely race for McLaren-Honda but brought home more points in seventh, while the top 10 was completed by Carlos Sainz, Valtteri Bottas and Nico Hulkenberg.  Hamilton’s victory put him into the lead in the World Championship as it passed its mid-season point.

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