Four hours after the race…

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 21.25.44.pngThe Bahrain Grand Prix was another finely-balanced fight between Ferrari and Mercedes – and between Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton. Pole man Valtteri Bottas led from the start with Vettel chasing, but the Mercedes could not get away and the Ferrari was clearly being held back and decided to pit earlier than his rivals. He stopped after 10 laps and fell back to 11th. It looked like a drastic move, but he quickly made up ground. Three laps later a Safety Car was sent out after a clash between Carlos Sainz and Lance Stroll. Bottas and the chasing Lewis Hamilton both came into the pits. They were stacked and Lewis slowed a little too much before coming in, holding up Daniel Ricciardo, earning himself a five-second penalty. Both Merc men were also delayed slightly. Vettel found hismelf ahead and he never looked back… Hamilton charged back, the team asking Bottas to move out of his way as Lewis was clearly quicker, but the gap was too much to close. Bottas help on to third, although Kimi Raikkonen  recovered from a poor start to finish just behind him.

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