Haryanto may lose Manor seat

If I’m honest, Rio Haryanto has done a better job of it this season than I had expected. Sure, the Indonesian government is bankrolling his presence at Manor Racing and he’s a rookie and he hasn’t performed as well as his teammate Pascal Wehrlein but all things given, I’ve been impressed with the young man so far.

A shame that his future at Manor is uncertain according to a report in AUTOSPORT as Haryanto’s management said:

“At the beginning of the year the minister for sport promised us a certain amount,”manager Piers Hunnisett said.

“That has been slightly delayed, or wasn’t quite as it came across.

“The government see the benefits of Formula 1 and they really want to see Rio finish the year and obviously continue in Formula 1 because it’s a huge benefit for the country.”

On one side If eel he’s done a good job and deserves to stay but on the other hand I wonder what kind of impact his presence has had in Indonesia as a whole? Surely he’s a star in terms of motorsport but there are many who would like to see the seat go to Alexander Rossi instead.

It seems that the key timing will be after the Hungarian Grand Prix. We’ll wait and see but a shame if Rio can’t continue.