Hill to establish driver association

Damon Hill is about to establish a new association for professional racing drivers. The planning is believed to have been going on for some time and in March Hill established a company in the UK called Professional Racing Drivers’ Association Ltd, which is a private company limited by guarantee, a form of incorporation that is primarily used for non-profit organisations. Hill is not saying much about the idea, but says that he believes that the various different branches of the sport woold benefit from greater representation of the views of the men and women racing.
“Time will tell whether it has any role to play or not,” he says. “This will depend completely on whether drivers feel strongly enough to want to have a say on how their sport is shaped and whether they wish to do that through a representative body. The driver’s perspective is a unique one and very intimately connected to the hopes and dreams of the fans. But there is currently no body in our sport – apart from the GPDA, which is specific to F1 – that seeks to promote these ideas and insights across the whole sport. I think the PRDA could be an extremely valuable addition to the whole of the motor sport industry for the future.”