If you are interested…

Before I head off to beautiful Buda and Pest tomorrow, at a time when planes should not really be allowed to fly, when even the larks are not ready to lark about, I thought I would do a quick podcast to catch up with F1 in recent weeks. Since the last podcast, the F1 circus has rushed from Austria to Silverstone, by way of London, and is now in Hungary, and on its final approach to the summer break, when F1’s travellers are supposed to get a chance to down suitcases and spend a few days with their families.

In F1 we often say that we only catch cold when we have time to do so, this being something to do with subconscious relaxation that mean that our battle-hardened battalions of antibodies are outflanked by crashes of rhinoviruses. I think I must have been suffering from this because a few days off last week (to fit in with small people holidays) means that I now have a good old-fashioned summer cold. Despite this, I battled through the podcast last night and, if you are interested, you can listen to it, by clicking here. With the audio version one can edit out coughing, but if you get the video feed you get all the nasty sounds for free. Just click here.

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