Is Ron Dennis following Massa out of F1 next week?

According to AUTOSPORT, McLaren boss Ron Dennis is set to be ousted next week by his partners due to a boardroom battle for control of the company.

Dennis currently owns a 25% stake in the McLaren Group, his long-time business partner, Mansour Ojjeh, owns a 25% stake leaving 50% held by the Bahrain sovereign wealth fund Mumtalakat.

I assume he may wish he never brought that Middle East investment in but then I am sure they helped when the company needed the investment. 

The report suggests that Dennis was in high court seeking an injunction against his partners as he mounted his own take-over bid in the neighborhood of $1bn but that has not materialized. 

It’s truly unfortunate that the company Dennis has been associated with since 1980 is being taken over and outing him but equally interesting is that lack of any communication from the other owners leaving fans feeling sad for Dennis when perhaps there is another side to this story.

Few fans recognize Ojjeh or Mumtalakat folks as the face of McLaren but Ron has been in that role for decades with Mansour working just outside of the limelight. 

Regardless, all of this cannot be a calming situation for employees or Honda and it will be interesting to see what the reaction to this will be.