It’s all about the passion

Formula 1 racing is all about passion. It’s a great sport. Weird, sometimes; twisted, often; but magnificent all the time. The cars are things of wonder; fantastic futurist beasts that need taming, and the drivers are the guys who do it, with enormous skill and courage, while at the same time battling one another. If you don’t feel that passion then it’s probably not the sport for you, but if you’re here reading this blog, the chances are that the passion burns inside you. That means that GP+ is the magazine for you. Its motto is “It’s all about the passion” and that’s the truth of it.

GP+ is the work of four professional F1 reporters who have attended something like 2,200 Grands Prix between us. Given that there have only been 935 World Championship events to date, that gives you an idea of our experience in the sport. This means that we know the right people, we can get access where others cannot and we know when they are trying to sell us snake oil. This experience is reflected in the content of the magazine.

Last year, in addition to full reports on all the Grands Prix, just hours after they are finished, we published almost 100 feature articles about different aspects of the sport, ranging from analysis of modern events, to interviews with the stars, to historical features throughout the history of motor sport. We want to share the magic of the sport with fans, and we want more people to become fans.

In 2016, the GP+ package includes 24 magazines, usually between 75 and 100 pages. There is spectacular photography, in a landscape format, to fit computer screens and tablets, plus informed columns from the very inside of F1. And these are magazines that you actually own and can download on to your own devices – and all just hours after the chequered flag has fallen.

In addition to the race coverage, you get a season preview and a season review editions, both of which are larger magazines. And on top of that you get access to the 2015 season review, the biggest GP+ to date at 126 pages.

And all of this will cost you about the same as a meal out (for one) in London. Compare that to the prices that you have to pay for paper magazines that come out four or five days after the event…

The first edition will be coming soon, so its time to sign up for 2016. Why not give it a go?  Click here.

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