It’s tomorrow…

<a href=””><img class=” wp-image-26790 alignright” src=”; alt=”London Audience” width=”279″ height=”191″ /></a>If you live in the UK and would like to ask Joe Saward anything at all about Formula 1 racing, there is an opportunity to do so, in London on Wednesday (July 6), in the run-up to this year’s British Grand Prix. The midweek date is not perfect, but there is no choice because of the number of races on the F1 calendar and we are in the middle of a run of six races in eight weekends.

Joe will be hosting one of his popular Audience events at One Knightsbridge Green, (SW1X 7NW) at the home of Prism, F1’s pioneering sports marketing agency. The company’s spectacular garden was the venue for an Audience a year ago and we will be doing the same this year – English weather allowing. Because of the need for security, there will not be any possibility of walk-in tickets on the night, so book now to be sure that you will get a seat. The Audience is limited in number in order to make sure that everyone gets the chance to ask what a question or two.

Joe not missed a single Grand Prix since 1988 and is coming up to his 500th GP as a professional reporter. That experience means that he has an impressive book of contacts and can get to the movers and shakers of F1. He has seen a lot of over the years so you can ask not only about the modern era, but also about things in the past.

Joe remains a fan at heart and is keen to provide fans with a convivial way to take a peek behind the curtain of F1. The Audience will run from 7pm-11.00pm and there will be a food served mid way through the evening. Drinks will be available at normal bar rates.

It’s a bargain at £36.00 per head.

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