McLaren still has 3rd best chassis on grid…regardless

Even though McLaren didn’t square op on the front row or second row…or third row, the team still feel they have the third-best chassis on the grid.

Team manager Eric Boullier said they had the third-best chassis earlier this week and was suggesting that they would do well at Monaco but they didn’t manage to get the tires to work for them. When asked he if still felt the same about their chassis, he said:

“It’s a good question.

“If you look at the public data, the GPS traces, yes we are.

“This weekend we are struggling to switch the tyres on and that has cost us a lot, in the driver’s confidence or ability to drive the car to the limit.

“So we can’t exploit the car. But in some of the tracks, yes definitely”

Well that’s bullish optimism and even so, Fernando Alonso thought they may be a little too optimistic in their assessment. Ultimately saying it is one thing, proving it is another and so far, GPS or otherwise, the team haven’t quite produced a convincing performance.