Meanwhile at Silverstone

There is more activity at Silverstone at the moment with former BRDC board member Lawrence Tomlinson, the owner of Ginetta, who has made a huge fortune from his LNT Group, which specialises in care homes. He is apparently campaigning to stop a deal going through with Jaguar Land Rover, despite the fact that the car company is willing to pay £33 million in addition to the leasing the circuit, while leaving the BRDC to run Silverstone Circuits Ltd. It seems that Tomlinson’s plan is to buy the circuit and Silverstone Circuits Ltd himself.
As I understand it, there is no firm offer for the circuit from Tomlinson as yet and the BRDC’s attitude is that they are not really keen on the idea of the track being owned by a single individual and are worried that the deal that is nearing completion with JLR could be put at risk by this new development.With the vote coming up shortly they want a quick solution to allow the JLR deal to go ahead.

Elsewhere, there is no sign of any evidence to back up the stories put out recently by Bernie Ecclestone that the price of the sale of the Formula One group has been agreed with two buyers. If that is the case, then a lot of people involved in the current ownership don’t know about it, which would seem to suggest that Bernie is still trying to shake the tree to find if there are any other possible buyers around as the prospective ones are not willing to pay the price that is being asked. One never knows with these things but generally speaking the CEO will keep the owners informed if there is a deal close to happening. Similarly, stories about a Grand Prix in Las Vegas should be treated with care as it is more likely that they are designed to put pressure on other race promoters, probably the Circuit of the Americas, although this has recently completed a refinancing operation and the US Grand Prix should now go ahead as planned.