Merc to let drivers battle; revise Rules of Engagement

To be honest, instituting team order at Mercedes would most likely deprive fans of the only real battle for the championship in 2016. A sad but true reality. Therefore, it’s good that Mercedes realized that and will continue to let their drivers race each other.

Mercedes announced today that they’ve had three incidents in the past five races and this, the team reckons, has cost them 50 points. Therefore, they have “strengthened our Rules of Engagement” in the hopes of keeping the drivers apart.

The did suggest that, like Monaco, they may instruct drivers in order to maximize team points and expect the drivers to manage their on-track behavior better.

They did take time to remind the world that they believe they have the best driver pairing in Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. I wonder if they’ve strengthened their Rules of Engagement with Niki Lauda and what he can and cannot say to the press?

Hat Tip: Mercedes