Mercedes, Ferrari spend engine tokens in Russia

As Mercedes and Ferrari headed into this weekend’s, both teams have spent more engine development tokens in a hope of stretching and closing the gap to each other respectively.

For Ferrari, the tokens were spent on an engine upgrade and Sebastian Vettel is using his third engine leaving only two new units left for the balance of the season while teammate Kimi Raikkonen is using his second unit.

Mercedes used their tokens on a fuel system upgrade and all Merc customers have received the new updated system as well. Mercedes will be running a new oil compound from Petronas too.

This leave Honda and Renault and they’ve chosen not to use any tokens yet rather saving them for later in the season. The token system may go the way of the dodo as the teams have all agreed to new 2017 engine regulation changes and engine development token have been removed.

The Token spend so far:

Ferrari 26 (6 remaining)
Honda 18 (14 remaining)
Mercedes 21 (11 remaining)
Renault 7 (25 remaining)