No HALO, no safety car starts

According to reports, there have been a few details ironed out for the coming seasons in Formula 1. The first to be decided, after a meeting to vote, is that the controversial HALO system will be delayed until 2018 at which time the FIA is set to explore the feasibility of the device further.

While some drivers and teams are for the device, others are not and besides the visual impact and look of the device, there are concerns that it could actually add to safety concerns. The FIA said:

“It was decided that owing to the relatively short timeframe until the commencement of the 2017 Formula One season it would be prudent to use the remainder of this year and early next year to further evaluate the full potential of all options before final confirmation,”

Another decision was discussed in the matter of starting races behind the safety car which has happened twice this year with the most recent occasion at the British Grand Prix and many fans felt deprived of what may have been an interesting standing start.

The concept here would be to run behind the safety car to establish a reasonable starting condition and then stage the cars for a standing start. The FIA’s Charlie Whiting is said to be holding a conference to explain the proposals on Friday.