Vettel vents fury after Kvyat double hit

Just a fortnight after Vettel had accused his rival of driving like a ‘torpedo’ at the Chinese Grand Prix, Vettel was enraged after he was hit twice by him at Sochi.
Kvyat ran in to the back of him at Turn 2 and then as the pair recovered they clashed again at Turn 3 – which pitched Vettel in to a spin and out of the race.
Venting his immediate anger over the radio, Vettel said: “I’m … Keep reading

Mercedes avoids grid penalty for Hamilton

The British driver suffered an MGU-H problem during qualifying yesterday and was unable to take part in Q3, meaning he could manage no better than 10th place on the grid.
But although fitting replacement parts is allowed under Formula 1 rules, the Mercedes team’s situation was complicated by the fact that it had been running a new fuel system this weekend.
With no spare parts on site … Keep reading