Quali-Meeting adjourned: decision until Thursday?

The tense patience before the meeting room in the paddock of Bahrain was not worth it. The team principals who consult with FIA president Jean Todt and Formula 1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone about the new qualifying format, have come to a half hour to reach agreement. The vote on an amendment to the current elimination procedure was postponed to Thursday.

“We have no choice, as we want to keep going,” said Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff. “We have agreed on the matter internally discuss and talk again next week. We discussed the various formats and talk about what will propose the FIA ​​and the owner of the commercial rights.”

One thing is, after all, one thing: a return to the proven 2015er format, as the team would want, it will not happen. “That’s not on the table. You have said, the mode is not good enough,” says Wolff. Todt and Ecclestone So buck continues to the solution, which had agreed among themselves actually already after the first qualifying fiasco at the season opener in Australia, the team bosses.

After one and a half hours no agreement

Mercedes boss Niki Lauda was one and a half hour crisis meeting the first left the meeting room in Race Control Tower. Shortly thereafter, all the others followed, but none of them was able to present a result. That there would be no final decision today, but it was already clear before the meeting.

For each final rule change first Formula 1 strategy group must come together (six votes each teams, Ecclestone, Todt). Then the proposal goes on to the Formula 1 Commission, in which all teams, race tracks, Pirelli, sponsors sitting, chaired by Ecclestone. The Commission is majority support from 18 of 26 votes. And ultimately ratified then the FIA ​​Motor Sport Council.

2015er format no feasible option

Because that would not have been possible today, was the aim of the meeting to achieve among all those present agreement in order to vote at the relevant meeting formally on Thursday only need. Now stand during the week probably still substantive discussions on how to proceed.

Much in this regard is not leaked, but basically are two options available for voting. First, it goes on as in Australia and Bahrain. Second, there is a new mode that is similar to the 2015er format, but does not look exactly the same as last year. A variant would be noisy Red Bull team boss Christian Horner, “adding the two fastest laps.” Then would been on pole in Bahrain Nico Rosberg Lewis Hamilton instead.

Threatens Todt now the crucifixion?

The teams were eager to return to 2015er variant. The FIA ​​is against it. Its president Todt must now be able to adjust to fierce political headwinds because Mercedes motorsport boss Wolff had announced on Saturday that anything but a return to the 2015er format would be unthinkable for him: “If anyone blocked, we should him publicly in Paddock crucified. ” Currently, both are in Bahrain, chance would offer so.

Now must win on Thursday reason. “The point is. If we do not agree on a compromise, we stick with what we have and we all agree that this is wrong,” said Horner. McLaren racing director Eric Boullier added: “All have a time kept long in their positions Then we moved in a direction that could meet perhaps what is expected..”

Fans and journalists express meanwhile disappointed by recent non-result – above all in social media, where there was a Shitstorm against the premier class immediately. “Laughingstock”, “Bullshit”, “comedy gold” were the weaker comments on Twitter, Facebook and Co. After all you could – if nothing to else – some on the next date, denominated many social media jokes. .. © Motorsport-Total.com GmbH

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