Quali not resolved, now teams contemplate aggregate system

The teams met today to discuss the qualifying system and once again, the FIA have shown up to the discussion without the option to revert back to the 2015 format. This time, they’ve offered the teams a vote on a hybrid version of the new system in which Q1 and Q2 remain as it is but the Q3 session uses the old format.

It’s understood that Red Bull’s Christian Horner isn’t keen on a hybrid system and would prefer the 2015 version and many fans feel the same.

The other option the FIA have show up with is a new system in which the session is broken down into three sections and aggregate times are used for all three sessions. Two laps for each session are combined and an aggregate time is derived. Horner said:

“It’s a compromise, and something now we all have to go away and have a look at,” said Christian Horner.

“No-one likes the current system, so this idea is a step in the right direction.

“It at least has elements of the 2015 system, which is what the teams prefer, but with the addition of each driver needing to do two laps, and with the aggregate taken.”

The teams are set to vote on the issue by Thursday and while Sky Sports attempted to ask FIA president Jean Todt why he was doing this, he was evasive as was F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone.

It’s logic-defying that we continue to debate the qualifying format as most fans feel like it wasn’t broken to begin with and an aggregate timed pole position is simply not a way to go. Pole positions aren’t derived from aggregates. It’s derived from the fastest lap.

It’s unclear as to why, exactly, the FIA keep showing up with new qualifying formats and seem to desperately want to avoid using last year’s format. One has to assume it’s a power play and attempt to “spice up the show” by using the sporting regulations which I have issues with as I mentioned here.