Red Bull’s ‘Aeroscreen’ to make debut in Russia

If you weren’t a big fan of the Mercedes HALO device, then perhaps you’ll like the Red Bull Aeroscreen better.

Red Bull will test their version of the cockpit canopy or driver protection device in the lead up tot eh Russian Grand Prix this weekend.

The FIA are keen to find a solution of protecting the driver from errant debris and possible serious or fatal results from a driver’s head being struck by this debris. Justin Wilson, Felipe Massa and Henry Surtees were examples of how dangerous and tragic these incidents can be.

Wanting to reduce the risk of serious head injury is understandable but not everyone is in agreement on how best to do that with mixed reviews of the Mercedes HALO design that Ferrari tried earlier this year. The new Aeroscreen will be tested and at first blush I’m curious how they anticipate handling rain, fogging or other moisture related issues.

Ferrari halo test 2