Regarding Williams F1

There are some suggestions coming out in the media that Lawrence Stroll may have bought Williams F1. These are to be ignored for the very simple reason that the team is listed on the Deutsche Börse in Frankfurt and any such transaction would have needed to have been announced immediately – because of the strict reporting rules for public companies, particularly if such a purchase was to result in a change of control.

Williams has been a listed public company for the last six years and the last company return shows that 50.8 percent of the shares were owned by Sir Frank Williams, 24 percent were on the market, 10 percent by Brad Hollinger and 9.3 percent by Patrick Head.

The company has been listed since 2011. It currently has a market value of $142 million, which is about 10 percent down in value this year. This rather undervalues the business, given its revenues and assets, but as the control of the company remains with Sir Frank Williams, who holds a majority of the shares, there is no possibility of a takeover.