Sauber: will they keep Marcus, Felipe or neither?

The fact that Felipe Nasr feels good about the 2017 Sauber car direction and the new financial backing of Longbow Financial is all positives but how good do Sauber or Longbow feel about Nasr—that may be the more important question.

It has been mentioned in other stories that Longbow has a connection with Marcus Ericsson and this will most assuredly mean he retains a seat for 2017 but he doesn’t seem as confident as these news stories seem to be:

“Around Spa or Monza, I should know what is happening,” Ericsson said.

“I feel good in the team here at Sauber and I can see myself staying but we need to look at other options and see what is available.

“I’ve been here one and a half years and I feel good in Sauber but it’s important not to focus on one thing, you need to keep it open for other opportunities.

“My management have told me they are working on it, speaking to Sauber and we are looking at other alternatives as well.”

As for Nasr, he’s speaking like a man who feels Sauber are moving int eh right direction and he’s keen to move with them despite struggling there this year:

“There is a lot more stability now since the new investors took over.

“I would target 2017 as being the year they are focusing on.

“I still consider Sauber a very attractive option but we’re still open to other things as well.”

Like all silly season’s, this one is replete with hints, allegations and public bravado about where drivers will go, who may be interested in them and whether or not they will stay put. If there are strong Ericsson connections and with Nasr’s Brazilian backing, it wouldn’t surprise me if they retained both drivers but then this has to play in to expectations of the new owners and what they want from their driver lineup. Sometimes mixing things up and getting new drivers is a way of making some big changes and starting new.

If not Felipe and/or Marcus…who?