Seven hours after the race!

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 18.10.19.pngLewis Hamilton scored a spectacular victory over Daniel Ricciardo at Monaco on Sunday, driving a spectacular race, which saw him stuck behind a sluggish Nico Rosberg on a wet track for the early part of the race. As others switched from wets to intermediates, Mercedes took the decision to keep Hamilton out until the track was dry enough to go straight to ultrasoft tyres. He managed to get out in front of the Red Bull driver, who pitted a lap after Lewis to switch from intermediates to dry superset rubber. But it all went horribly wrong for the Australian as the team bungled the pit stop and he re-emerged behind Hamilton. For the next 40-odd laps he was on Lewis’s tail, trying to find a way past… but Lewis held on. They were chased home by Sergio Perez, under pressure for much of the latter part of the race from Sebastian Vettel, while Fernando Alonso gave McLaren fifth place and Nico Hulkenberg stole sixth from Rosberg on the last lap. It was a fabulous race, filled with action. Max Verstappen showed how to overtake at Monaco until his progress was stopped by a slide into the barriers.

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