Should Ferrari keep Kimi or not?

We were talking about Kimi in this week’s podcast and today the press asked him if he had any updates on his contract negotiations with Ferrari as his current contract ends in 2016. Kimi said:

“I don’t know any more.

“You guys seem to know a lot every week. It’s not my decision in the end.

“I’ve always said I’m happy to be here and I hope I will be here to help Ferrari to get where we want to get as a team.

“What happens in the future we will see.”

Simple question and fun silly season discussion…if you were Maurizio/Sergio, would you keep Kimi on a new 1 or 2-year deal? Would you call up Romain Grosjean or Esteban Gutierrez or would you take a run at Sergio Perez maybe? What about Nico Rosberg? Or would you stick with the Finn?