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We want to make it easier for fans to show their support this year, and feel part of the team. That’s why our team colours in 2016 have a unifying grey scale theme. This gives our full teamwear range a cohesive look and feel and ensures our supporters stand out from the crowd. This is shown to great effect on the McLaren Honda Official Team T-shirt.

On this flagship product, we have used a dramatic dye sublimation process. Strong black fades to grey against a white background which, we think, not only looks cool but will give fans and team members alike tremendous standout at races all across the globe. This, along with flashes of Rocket Red, is sure to get our supporters noticed.

This colour scheme is reflected across our full 2016 teamwear range, but it all starts with the McLaren Honda Official Team T-shirt.

Remember, Team members receive a 20% discount on this T-shirt and the rest of the 2016 range.

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