Small teams to attend Strategy Group

Representatives from the non-member teams will henceforth be invited to meetings of the F1 Strategy Group, in order for them to have access to the discussions. This does not mean that they will have a vote, but the move is designed to demonstrate that the FIA and the Commercial Rights Holder want to improve transparency in the sport. The implication is that the two parties are unable to give the small teams a vote because of the contractual arrangements that exist with the other teams.

The argument that really needs to be discussed is whether or not the Strategy Group is the right way for F1 to make decisions, or whether the rule-making structures should be changed when the current Concorde Agreement comes to an end in 2020.

The decisions taken today by the Strategy Group and then the F1 Commission include ditching the halo system of head protection and concentrate development on the new “shield” concept. The FIA says it will carry out tests of this system in preparation for implementation in 2018.

The rules will also be modified to get rid of the T wings and shark fins. There will also be new rules to make sure that no-one uses oil as fuel. In addition, only one specification of oil can be used for any given power unit during an event.

It was also agreed that Pirelli will be allowed to develop 2018 wet weather tyre compounds using previous specifications of cars and wheel dimensions.

It was also agreed that if a race is red-flagged, the race will be restarted with a standing start.

The FIA has also informed the teams that from the Spanish onwards, the sporting regulations will be strictly enforced to ensure spectators can see the names of the drivers and the numbers of the cars.