Photo Blog: Shooting from the inside of F1’s craziest fortnight

So that’s it, eight days of solid F1 testing done. Thousands of photographs taken, hundreds of articles written and still we don’t really know what the order will be when we get to Melbourne.
I remember attending F1 tests not that long ago where I would be the only photographer present. There was no demand for instantaneous news; no desire to know the latest tyre compounds or to get … Keep reading

Book Review – The Core: Better Life, Better Performance

A trained doctor who had dreamed of life as a professional ice hockey player, Hintsa spent much of the 1980s and 1990s living and working as a missionary in Ethiopia, where he built up a strong personal relationship with famed endurance runner Haile Gebrselassie.
In his years in Africa, Hintsa was struck by what he saw as the connection between Gebrselassie’s athletic performances, his … Keep reading

Rosberg urges FIA to consult drivers on F1 rule changes

Driver criticisms about the state of F1, the aesthetics of the new Halo and the unnecessary late change to qualifying overshadowed the on-track action during this week’s final pre-season test at Barcelona.
A number of leading stars – including Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton – all hit out at various aspects of F1 as they expressed frustration about the direction … Keep reading

Analysis: Did an unnoticed Raikkonen lap reveal Ferrari’s true pace?

Nico Rosberg surprised a few people at the end of Formula 1 testing with his claim that his Mercedes team did not know if it was behind or ahead of its Italian rival.
For the message speaking to teams up and down the pit lane – judging by the remarkable efficiency by which Mercedes had completed nearly 20 grands prix distances over the two weeks – was that the Silver … Keep reading