Things get chippy between Romain Grosjean and Toto Wolff

The FIA said that Haas F1 driver Romain Grosjean “may potentially have been affected by the presence of Hamilton in turn 16, he was not impeded” after a race steward review during qualifying for the British Grand Prix.

The news didn’t sit well with the Frenchman who said:

“Surprised by the wording: ‘the driver behind has not been impeded’,” said Grosjean.

“If losing 0.35-0.4 seconds in one corner is not being impeded, I am very surprised.

“I think it opens room for messy qualifying and the rules are pretty clear.

“And I know there is a world title going on at the front but we are in a position where we actually fight as hard as the boys at the front and I was impeded today.

“How can I put it? Maybe if it was another driver there would have been something.

“It does feel sometimes that there are two types of decision.”

Certainly some fans took to social media to explain they felt that it is a British driver at the British Grand Prix and therefore, Lewis got a pass and all the allegations of his competitors getting special dispensation, this should be a reminder that Lewis is a benefactor as well.

Other fans argued that the Haas team overplayed the impact the incident may or may not have had on Grosjean’s qualifying and that it didn’t really impact his ultimate qualifying position as he still had more laps to get a time in. That last point may be true and some could argue that the track only improved with each lap so that should have made it a better time for Romain.

Regardless, the criticism didn’t sit well with Mercedes boss, Toto Wolff, who said:

“There are some that moan all the time,” said Wolff when asked to respond to Grosjean’s remarks.

“They just continue moaning. I don’t want to even comment.

“If Romain Grosjean comes out and starts asking for penalties for other drivers, you should rather look at his track record.

“He should be happy he is driving in F1.”

That’s a chippy statement given that the incidents the story I read this quote in dredged up Grosjean’s incident from several years ago. I’m not sure if actions in a driver’s early career are reason to marginalize his current statements but if that’s the case, couldn’t you say that they are all lucky to be in F1? They’ve all made mistakes.

Hat Tip: Autosport