Time to ban T-Wings? Horner says yes

This is the second time Valtteri Bottas has lost a T-Wing from his Mercedes but this time the damaged caused was enough to prompt an appeal from Red Bull boss, Christian Horner, to have the wings banned due to safety reasons.

“I am probably the wrong person to be asking because we don’t have one, so everybody is going to say we want to get rid of it because we don’t have one,” Horner said.

“But I think Charlie, if he so wished, has the perfect opportunity under the grounds of safety to get rid of them.

“Today it did about £50,000 of damage so I think they should be banned on grounds of safety and cost – it has destroyed the floor and a bargeboard.

“But I feel that they will probably be here for the rest of the year.”

Fans who aren’t keen for the T-Wing have often stated that all we need is a wing to fall off to have the FIA’s Charlie Whiting to ban them but so far, no ban has come even though this is the second incident. Is it dangerous? It could be according to Red Bull’s Max Verstappen who it the errant wing.

“I didn’t expect it would cause that much damage,” said Verstappen. “It smashed basically the floor.”

Let’s be honest, no one wants to spend £50,000 due to someone else’s dodgy T-Wing and perhaps an invoice to Toto Wolff net 10 could be a way of recouping your loss but in bigger matters, these small, aerodynamic wings could be dangerous. Horner doesn’t see them going anywhere and as they add 3-4 points of aero, they may not but one of the reasons for the HALO device debate is to protect drivers from flying debris. One way you can prevent that is to prevent wings that have shown a proclivity to become flying debris.

Hat Tip: Autosport
Photo by: www.kymillman.com/F1