Time to get ready for 2017

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know that my aim is to amuse and inform F1 fans about the sport we love.  I try to explain what is happening and why. I don’t do race reports, nor feature-type articles. On race weekends you will note that the blog goes quiet because I need to make a living and giving away everything simply does not work financially. Proper insider F1 journalism does not come cheap and someone has to pay for all the travelling. It is easy to stay at home and make out that one is there – lot of people do it, even some wellknown names, but so much of the content on the Web is not what it claims to be. How do you know who you can trust?

Professional F1 journalists are few in number and most work for known publications. There are still a few freelances left, who pay their own way and sell their stories, but with people buying fewer paper products, the industry is migrating to the Web and even famous publications now compromise and do not bother sending reporters.

This is why 10 years ago, when we saw this start to happen, several longtime F1 journalists got together to create the first proper e-magazine for the sport, so that fans could have access to a proper product – as quickly as possible after each race. Gone were the days that one had to wait days and days to read what had happened. In these days of pay-TV, many fans are looking for a way to follow the sport without having to pay the often lofty fees. GP+ provides that opportunity. It’s a 90-odd page e-magazine, published around six hours after each race, with a complete round-up of each F1 race weekend. There are no silly rumours, no he-said-she-said journalism. We just report what happens – and give our honest opinions.

The GP+ team is united by our passion for the sport and we believe in old school journalism. We are among the most passionate F1 writers you will find – and the most experienced. The four contributors have each reported at more than 500 Grands Prix – and we know the sport, the people and the history. And, more importantly, the sport knows us.

We believe that GP+ is a fantastic resource for the F1 fan. It is like racing magazines used to be. It tells you the story of each race weekend. It highlights the big news, the personalities and the wonderful history that F1 has to offer. And, as the name suggests, we sometimes write on other motor racing subjects as well, because we think they will be interesting to the fans.

We have been going this for 10 years and you can buy the archive. It is all downloadable in PDF format, which means that you can have the entire history of F1 in the last 10 years in one folder in your computer, for less than the price of a decent dinner. And you don’t need shelf space…

We keep the price low because we want as many fans as possible to buy the magazine. A GP+ subscription for 2017 means that you get 22 issues: a Preview, 20 races issues and a Review. On top of that, as soon as you sign up, you get a free 2016 Review of the Year.

You get all of this for just £32.99. People who sign up often ask themselve swhy they did not do this earlier. You can read what they think here.

GP+ is so fast we sometimes have a magazine published before some of the F1 teams can even manage to produce a press release.

To sign up and join the GP+ clan, go to www.grandprixplus.com.