Toto Wolff – F1 Entrepreneur

Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsport and I have always found the stories behind F1’s men and women a very interesting topic of discussion. How did Steve Matchett end up in F1? How does John Booth find the motivation to put it all on the line to save Manor only to leave? Alan Permane has been through a lot at Renault Sport F1 and after all these years, does he still find the drive?

The stories are interesting and perhaps most salient to the fan is how did these folks get involved? How did Paddy Lowe or Jonathan Wheatley choose motorsport as his career?

In an interesting video sponsored by UBS, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff explains how he landed in F1 and why he chose the sport as the series to pursue. Tot’s character and easy nature are infectious and at first pass it may seem like a standard story but it’s more than that.

Wolff Toto Russian GP

I started this website over 10 years ago and have poured a lot of blood, sweat and tears into it but unlike Toto, I have not found the success I would have hoped for. Toto’s words are a clear reminder of how to discern your passion and skills and how he determined what he felt he would be good at and could excel at.

As an entrepreneur myself, I’ve had several failures and setbacks and I appreciate Toto’s words on where to put your focus and how to determine, up front, your unique skill set and follow it’s logical course.

If you’re pursuing a career in motorsport—or anything else—take Toto’s words onboard. There is wisdom here if you listen closely and he’s a terrific, if not understated, guy so the notion that you have to be a YouTube star, Kanye or Beyonce to succeed isn’t a requirement.

For many of you out there, I would only add my life lessons as something to consider. I have worked incredibly hard on many things from my day job in technology to the nightshift at this website and I once told a mentor that I was not sure why, after working so hard on these endeavors for all these years, I was unable to find a modicum of success. He looked at me and said “it’s not how hard you’re working; you’re working hard on the wrong things”. I’m happy to tell you, I think I still am. ;)

A great piece and a brief glimpse inside Toto’s world.