Where does Force India loss reduction leave Hulkenberg?

I’m not saying I am good at predictions but I wonder if today’s story about Force India’s financial loss in 2015 could have some earmarks of future moves at the team. The ugly part of the story is that the team reduced its loss from £15.4m in 2014 to £6.8m in 2015. On one hand you could say that’s great, quite a reduction but not when there is still a big loss. You typically don’t measure an organization’s performance on how big the loss is.

On the other hand, and increase in revenue was to blame for the reduction in losses year-on-year. They increased from £59.92m in 2014 to £64.26m in 2015 in statements for the year ending on December 31. Part of that was due to their performance in the constructor’s championship netting them a 12% gain in prize money to be paid out over the course of this year.

The other reason listed was “a cash injection ahead of a significant regulation changes for the 2017 season”. This came in the form of a multi-year development driver deal in the form of Russian Nikita Mazepin. The story closes with the team’s commentary on future sponsor and cash infusion from “…sponsorship revenues from the Russian market, while building future deals with both the Mexican and domestic markets.”

Now, not to be dramatic here but if that’s the case, clearly Mazepin and Perez are secure and this doesn’t leave much room for German Nico Hulkenberg does it? If I were Nico, I might be making a few phone calls because some of that Russian money could come with the stipulation that Nikita is in the car for the races. Also, Force India isn’t doing as well as it had hoped in 2016 so the prize money may be less in the future.

Not saying it’s happening but if Nico isn’t at the team next season, I think I may know why.